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PostSubject: xTc 10 COMMANDMENTS   Mon Jan 10, 2011 9:20 pm


#1. Thou Shall Follow All Rules & Commandments. (NO EXCEPTIONS)

#2. Thou Shall Signup On Forums To Finish Recruitment.

#3. Thou Shall Be Responsible For Your Own Gamertag & Account.

#4. Thou Shall Not Disrespect Any Female Or Race In Any Way Unless disrespected 1st. (Zero Tolerance)

#5. Thou Shall Make At Least 1 Practice A Week(To Compete In GB)

#6. Thou Shall Take Practice Serious You shall Have only 1 Warning 2nd Warning Will Result In Being Kicked From Practice 2 Practice Kicks Will Result In Being Kicked Off LSDP.

#7. Thou Shall RESPECT Any Member Of LSDP Especially Members In Command.(Me Especially I will Not Stand For It)

#8. Thou Shall Not Act Like Thou Is Any Better Then Any Other Member. (No Exceptions)

#9. Thou Shall Not Lie Or Tell Stories (I Hate Liars, If Caught Lying Or Story Telling Will Result In suspension Or Possiblly Banned)

#10. Though Shall Not Speak When Being Spoken To One Person Talks At A Time No Interupting.

These 10 Commandments goes for everyone disrespecting these commandments or breaking them WILL RESULT IN SUSPENSION OR EVEN KICKED FROM LSDP. This is a Zero Tolerance policy NO EXCEPTIONS. I would also like to say to any LSDP Member Who is in Command (Leaders,Co-Leaders,Captains,Co-Captains & Recruit Managers.) If you are not doing you job properly as a Member in command I will NOT HESITATE to Strip You of Your permissions So please Commanders Do Your JOB Properly & By The BOOK.
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